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We are a closely-knit company with a straight-forward vision of ‘Being Real’. Supported by a spirited, dynamic team that is continuously learning and evolving, we are driven by our core values of integrity, commitment and culture. Our team combines creativity with strategic thinking and passion. Through our work in the healthcare domain, we believe in bringing about a positive and tangible change in public health. Some of the many hats we wear are:

Aman Gupta

Managing Partner

Daniel M David

Creative Director

Dorelle Kulkarni

Vice President

Ritika Jauhari

Sr. Director – PR and Advocacy

Anisha Das

Sr. Account Executive - PR Team

Shruti Badyal

Manager – Content Creation & Distribution

Gaurav Chaudhary

Sr. Manager

Anyesha Mitra

Assistant Manager

Neeti Sharma

Sr. Account Manager

Mona Emanvel

Account Director

Smrity Arora

Sr. Manager

Khushubu Sharma

Assistant Manager