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Every piece of communication has intent in it. Ours is to keep the story going. Not with abundance of information, but by the power of a single insight mined from it. An insight that is never bound by words on paper, rather liberated enough to inspire dialogues.

Dialogues set inert communication into motion. And, we are in the continuous process of perfecting the art.

SPAG is an award-winning Public Relations and Advocacy firm, reputed for offering bespoke communication strategies to shape conversations, influence perceptions, cultivate constructive knowledge and to keep the dialogue going.

We are part of the Strategic Partners Group, an integrated communications entity, harnessing the potential of a phenomenally diverse universe of conversations. Integrated as a group, yet specialists at core, its domain expertise is institutionalized into distinct entities: SPAG - Public Relations & Advocacy, D Yellow Elephant – Digital & Social Media, GigaLife – Creative & Branding Solutions.